Terms and Conditions


1. User/Advertiser

1.1 Only one account per member allowed, creating more than one account will lead all of these accounts suspended.

1.2 Using false information during registration will simply ban you.

1.3 User Email addresses will not be shown, given, or sold. Your Email id only will be used for a support system, and user if making any sensitive changes.

1.4 If you have activated 2FA and lost your keys, in that case, to reset   key user need to provide valid documents, if we see documents not matching with your Ethbux name and details we will ban you and your account will be deleted.

1.5 We do not allow account transfer if we found simply will ban you.

1.6 Only one account per mobile or computer allowed to view ads if more than one accounts used to view ads from the same computer or mobile your account will be marked as cheating and we will ban you.

1.7 We do not allow the proxy to view ads if you do your account will be suspended.

1.8 Your password is in an irreversible format we suggest you keep it secret from other we will not be responsible if someone hacks your account, we suggest you to use Google authenticator to keep your account safe.

1.9 EthBux will not modify user account information based on user requests. For security reasons, only the users can modify their detail on the personal setting page.

1.10 You can fund your account only via the payment processor we support.

1.11 If your website content belongs to pornography virus or violence then we have the right to deny your advertisement.

1.12 Advertiser website must not contain frame breakers we do not allow frame breakers website.

1.13  We do not support a website that contains any prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts.

1.14 Users will get paid by only the payment processor we supporting or users will get paid by the same method they have used to fund their EthBux account.

1.15 User will get their account suspended if they do not log in for 30 days.In that case if user again start to work on EthBux they need to reset  their account and start working with EthBux.

1.16 User must need to watch 50 ptc ads to request 1st cash out.


2. Support System

2.1 Ethbux support system is  avilable for everyone.

2.2 We will not response to duplicate tickets .

2.3 Members do not have rights to share  any conversation made between Ethbux Staff and Customer via support system.If we identify such cases we will ban him.

2.4 Ethbux is very concern about its member issue we will provide 4 to 6 hour to solve members issue within a day.However maximum time to get a reply from support system is 48 hours.


3. Referral

3.1 You can invite as many people you can according to your membership limit.

3.2 Your referral email id and user name must be unique.

3.3 We will not tolarate if your tried to give false information about EthBux to get referrals We will suspend your account.

3.4 we will not tolarate if user uses referral exchanges and money back for example socpublic wmrfast etc.


4. Forum

4.1 EthBux forum is avilable for everyone however to post into the forum you must need to register to EthBux.

4.2 User can post or can reply to other user post in EthBux .

4.3 User must respect other community members.

4.4 User found spamming the forum will be banned from forum and in some cases we may suspend  your account.

4.5 Only one signature is allowed, creating more than 1 signature will indicate you spamming the forum and we will ban you from froum.


5. EthBux Refund Policy

All payments made to EthBux including Membership purchase Advertising purchase  Referral purchase are Non-Refundable.


6. Anti Cheat 

With our anti-cheat system, it is impossible to cheat. If we found someone to cheat we will ban him forever. It is illegal to use any software or other surfing emulator to view ads. If the user found doing this type of stuff they will lose their account and all their balance will be zero.


User Agreement

These Terms of Service apply to you as a Member or Advertiser at ETHBUX. As an Ethbux user, you have confirmed you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of EthBux
If you do not agree to any of these terms, Please ignore Ethbux we can't provide you any service. These terms and services are subject to change we will update it from time to time users are requested to visit these page to see the latest updates about EthBux terms and conditions.


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