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Published on Jul 12th, 2020 10:31 am


In these last few days we were very busy, we are working hard for

We have made changes on forum style hope you will love it.

We have also done 2 major changes in platform.


For site stability and clean management we have increased STANDARD Members Rented Referral click value form $0.0025 to $0.005.

Now Standard Platinum Gold and Diamond members will get $0.005  per click we did it to manage RR in stable way.This changes will take effect from tomorrow server time.


We also have added a new Rent Referral Package only for platinum members.You can rent 400 referrals in one package and can benefit  Free Platinum Membership.

Please note that this free membership is only for one time.

Best Regards 

EthBux Team.

1 month Completed(Changes and Promotion)
Published on Jul 07th, 2020 07:49 pm

Hello EthBuxer
Today we completed our 1 month journey.We continually improving and adding new features for our user.As we already had mentioned in our road-map page that this month we will add kiwiofferwall for our user to earn extra money so we did it we have added the Kiwiofferwall now you can complete offers and can earn more from EthBux .
We are working on our forum page modification in 3 to 5 days you will see our forum page in new style hope people will love that style.

We have disabled the point system for now.We are working on REFERRAL CONTEST so it has been disabled.The Referral contest will be available in few hours.

As we completed our 1 month we are again enabling bonus promo.

Members who will deposit above$20 will receive free $2 Bonus.
Members who will buy PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP they will receive $1 in Purchase Balance.
Members who will buy GOLDEN MEMBERSHIP they will receive $5 in Purchase Balance.
Members who will buy Diamond Membership they will receive $10 in purchase balance.
Members who will buy Ultimate Membership they will receive 100 RR and 5$ In purchase balance.
Members who will buy king Membership they will receive 200 RR and $10 in MAIN BALANCE.
If a Platinum Member (not more than 15 days old )want to upgrade for higher level they need to create a support ticket for a discount of platinum membership cost.
This promotion is for limited time it will last till 31th July.

Ad Packs Promo:(MEGA BONUS)
Buy 10 ad packs and receive 1 extra ad pack .
Buy 51 to 100 ad packs and receive 12 extra Ad Packs.
Buy more than 100 Ad packs and receive 25extra Ad Packs.
The bonus will be added manually suppose if you buy 10 ad packs we will credit your account with $10 purchase balance you need to buy ad pack with that fund or can buy advertise credits you can not use that fund for other purchase.

The Ad Pack promo is for limited time it will last till 31 July server reset time.
Ad Pack Model:
The current ad packs maturity time is 200 days.This time frame will increase after every 100 days.
For example
If you buy 1 ad pack today or between next 100 days your ad pack will mature in 200 days.Now if a user buys ad pack after 100 days from Today his ad packs will mature in 300 days .Mean the time frame will increase 100 days every time after 100 days and at the end final maturity days will stand at 600 days.

Minimum Withdrawal :

After conversation with the team we have decided to do some changes on minimum withdrawal request.
User now can request for cash out when their earning balance reach to $2 or more for the first time then the minimum cash out will stand to $5.
Please note that we will not send any withdrawal below $5 in BTC AND ETH.
Best Regards,
EthBux Team.

EthBux and Ethx
Published on Jun 26th, 2020 04:51 pm


Hello thank you to be part of EthBux,
Let us clear about ETHBUX and our vision...
After lot of market works expreienced in various field have spent 9 years in PTC World and other earning opportunity sites and lastly exprienced in Crypto markets,crypto lending markets and ICO markets from 2015 have gain plenty of knowledge to mange buisness.Hope our experience will make stable and trusted. is our first product and we are working on our second poject a exchange market where user will be able to exchange their E-Currency(Payeer,PerfectMoney,Paypal,Neteller,Skrill,etc) and crypto currency instantly with the lowest fees ever. is pending and we are looking to launch it in last quarter of 2020 or may be in 1st qurter of 2021. For exchange market we need lot of works to be done so it will take time.

Now comes to
We already have spent lot of money for and we will spend more if needed.There are many pending works for and we will complete them time to time.So lets see what is coming first for in the coming month.
3rd Qurter2020(July to September)
We are looking to add more earning ways for our EthBux user so first we will add some easy task offer from Kiwi offer wall and offer toro wall.This Kiwi Offer wall will be avilable in July and Offer Toro will be avilable in Early september.
We may also add point contest and Referral contest between this month but to be true we have 0 intrest to add these contests so we may not add these 2 contests.
4th Qurter2020(Octobor to December)
PTP and Daily Bonus:
We will add Paid to Promote option in early Octobor for our loyal promoters, they will be rewarded with cash for promoting EthBux.
We will also add Daily Bonus option where user will be rewarded with their daily activity.

Between 3rd and 4th Quarter we will add more offers such as Matomy Offerwall Offerwall
AdWorkMedia etc.

1st Qurter 2021 (January to march)
New payment Processor And Crowd Flower:
We will add skrill and airtm for deposit and withdrawl for our user.The plan to add these payment processor that time for our launch .
We will add the biggest free earning option Crowedflower Task(Figure Eight) for our user.

We will add all the new earning ways coming there. To complete this roadmap we need only your trust.
Best Regards,
EthBux Team

Published on Jun 19th, 2020 04:46 pm

Hello welcome to simple task page .

We have selected few task for you which are very easy to complete.So every user will get a chance to earn some extra money from here.Please note that this task is only for limited time so hurrey up.

For depth detail please visit our marketing page

Right now we have added limited task, we devloping our marketing page hope in few days there will be more task added.

Best of luck and happy earning.

Best Regards,

Ethbux Team 

PerfectMoney Activated
Published on Jun 16th, 2020 06:49 pm


We are glad to say that Perfect Money has been activated for EthBux. User can now deposit and withdrawal via PerfectMoney.
Some user already has requested for promotion extend as we are new site and our promotion lasted only few days so we extending the promotion till 30th June for all payment processor.
User who have deposited today will get the benefit too.
Deposit 1$ to 50$ and get 1% Bonus with 10k Banners credits.
Deposit 51$ to 100$ and get 2% Bonus with 25k Banners credits.
Deposit 101$ to 250$ and get 4% Bonus with 50k banner credits.
Deposit more than 251 $ and get a bonus of 7% and 100k Banner credits.
Promotion end date is 30th June server reset time.

Also please visit our FAQ page we have updated our EthGrid prize pool.
Best Regards
EthBux Team

Start Up Promo
Published on Jun 08th, 2020 11:23 am

We are Running a welcome promotion on Our launch.

Deposit 1$ to 50$ and get 1% Bonus with 10k Banners credits.
Deposit 51$ to 100$ and get 2% Bonus with 25k Banners credits.
Deposit 101$ to 250$ and get 4% Bonus with 50k banner credits.
Deposit more than 251 $ and get a bonus of 7% and 100k Banner credits.

Promo end date is 15 June server reset time.

Deposit Bonus will be credited to your Purchase balance.No need to creat Ticket Deposit Bonus will be added to your account in 12 hours.

Best of luck ....  

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