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Refunded By Mistake.
Published on Oct 30th, 2020 07:09 pm


Dear user if your payment has been refunded to you on 28th october It was by mistake.

User who has been refunded please wait will reset time on 4 th november then you can request for cash out that day and can get paid on the next day.

Best Rrgards

EthBux Team.

Payments not 25th november its 5th november
Published on Oct 29th, 2020 10:38 am

Hello dear user.

I  have made mistake on my last post the next payment date is on 5th November not 25th November.

So the payments we will relase like this ..

Next pay date 5th November the 2nd will be around 15th or 20th november 3rd will around 30 th november and the final payment will be around  10 th december. 

And every thing will be normal between December 15th 30th.

No restraction and will make payments like before.

Best Regards

EthBux Team.


Attention Users
Published on Oct 28th, 2020 04:45 am

I'm going to be the one to be honest here. I am CDNPTC, a user who used Ethbux and Avebux then asked the admin if they needed help to which he said yes, and I've been helping them with support tickets, forum moderating, updated users' accounts accordingly and even helping with promos/contests/site details. 

right now, admin has apparently paid out to users on Oct. 24th but now he says that payments will be made again on Nov. 25th

and with all memberships changed so you can only withdraw up to $10 every 12 days- he asks for your patience as he hopes that by December everything will be back to normal again. 

I cannot and have not been able to pay users at all and we now have 51 payments pending as of now. I urge people to be wary on investing in this site as I can hardly keep in contact with admin. At one point I did not hear a single word from them for a whole month and had to delegate both Avebux and Ethbux practically alone. 
meanwhile, I was not able to successfully make a withdraw during this time. 

I wanted to say that if you read this far, thank you for using this site but honestly I don't think these two sites can be trusted anymore. I DO NOT OWN THESE SITES, I WAS JUST HELPING

Admin was supposed to update you guys tonight but so far he has failed to do so and has not answered my latest messages yet but was able to answer advertising exchange requests via the support system. 

*Use these sites at your own risk, I am no longer apart of this project*

thank you for helping create a short but fun experience fo me- and I wish you all the best. 


Next Payment 25th November
Published on Oct 25th, 2020 07:52 pm

Thank you for your patience.

The next payment will be sent to user on 5 th November.

Slow but we will make normal everything soon.

Hope this couple of weeks user will keep patience.

No need to panic.But user who getting paid please update on forum.

Best Regards



Our Skrill Problem
Published on Oct 18th, 2020 09:14 pm


As you can see there is no payment from last few days its because of some problem we are facing.

I confirm user do not need to worry.No one will loose a single bucks here.

Our all payment processor is verified and there is no problem with PM payeer Btc ltc.

Due to new regulation in Neteller and skrill we encounter a problem in our skrill payment processor.

We are unable to send skrill funds.Its locked only we can cash out it or can make purchase  .But for that due to getting payments from too many user it is not allowing me to cash out or purchase to an exchange site.I contacted to them and they asking me for a ecommerce license.Unfortunatly we do not have any company number so I visited 3 time from last few days for a license number in local authority and in the process of a company registration.

They confirmed me that it will take upto 2 to 3 month.So the time is little long so this is the situation .

We need to impliment some strict rule to stablize the payment out flow.

Currently there are $1750+ lock in skrill and can only cashout or can exchange it to other E-currency after company number but we will never be able to send funds to skrill account forever .If you see the screen shot you will be able to see we do not have any transfer option even we have money but can only send direct from bank acc or card .So skrill is permanatly gone from our site.

So We are very very sorry for those user who have deposited via skrill.

But from our end we will do our best and will try to pay them in which payment processor they want.


Now user need to understand our situation we are here to stay so please accept our changes.

Most of the skrill user are new and they do not have made any big cash out yet so its our 1st pritory to keep payment outflow stable else we will loose ethbux and avebux.

So I am taking the steps for next 2 to 3 month once we able to convert our skrill funds system will be back to normal.And all restraction will be removed.


1)All pending cash out will be refunded.

And need to follow this rule

cash out limit 

Legend user >25$ can request again after 8 days

Ultimate user>10$ can request again after 10 days

Diamond user>10$ can request again after 10 days

Gold user> $8  can request again after 10 days

Platinum >$8  can request again in 10 days.

Standard $2-$5 can request again in 12 days

User who have bought 50 ad packs package they will be able to add $15 more to their cash out request for example if a diamond user have bought 50 ad packs they will be able to cashout $10+$15=25 .Just they need to create a support ticket 

Please not this is temporary restraction.

I am working here as soon as the problem will be solved we will remove the restraction.


I will refund all pending payments by tomarrow then user need to submit payments again and I will start processing payments from 24th October.User may face delay in payments so please do not create support tickets.


I know this will make you angry but actually we are not running just we need your little support.




Best Regards

EthBux Team.


Please wait for update
Published on Oct 17th, 2020 11:03 am

Hello dear user please wait for update.(max 24 hour).

Skrill deposit has been disabled and not supported anymore.

  • User with skrill need to cash out via available payment processor.If any skrill user do not have our supported payment processor then they can ask for other payment processor.Even for them we can make paypal payment.
  • So be patient Full detail post coming.                     EthBux/AveBux

4 Month Celebratiin
Published on Oct 06th, 2020 09:02 am

Today is a very special day for EthBux.Today we completed our 4month online.We want to celebrate this beautiful day with everyone.
There is a mega deposit bonus for user who want to deposit.
Deposit $10 to $100 get 10% deposit bonus.
Deposit $101 to $250 get 15% deposit bonus.
Deposit more than $251 get 25% deposit bonus.
User will receive active direct referral who have viewd 20 advertisment in last 7 days base on deposit amount.
User will receive 2 direct referral per $10 deposit count. Mean if a user have deposited $30 he will receive 6 direct referral.
Now there is also a special bonus user
Who will deposit 50$ will receive 15 Direct Referral
If user deposit $100 will Receive 35 Direct Referral.
If any user Deposit more than $ 250 he will get 100 DR worth of $100.

This offer is valid only till 9th October server Reset time.

Best Regards

Our sister site avebux is ready
Published on Sep 26th, 2020 07:13 pm


Dear user 

Our sister site is ready and open for user.Hope user will love our unique ways.ease read all the detail here.

Best Regards



Published on Sep 15th, 2020 12:17 pm

We are sorry for several time dashboard design change but now I think its ok and beautiful still its not complete and will take 2 or 3 more days for complete set up so I request user to be patient and hope used have no complain on this.

Best Regards EthBux Team.

3rd Month Online and Celebration
Published on Sep 06th, 2020 05:08 pm

Dear user its our 3rd month online and ethbux paying its user without any problem.All this happening because of our sweet user.I really want to thank you everyone for this super support.
Today we have enabled skrill cash out for user who have funded their wallet via skrill.For standard user who have not made any deposit via skrill, cash out for them via skrill will be avilable on 25th september.

Today we want to celebrate our 3 month online with a promotion.
Deposit $10 to $100 get 10% deposit bonus.
Deposit $101 to $250 get 15% bonus
Deposit bonus.
Deposit more than $251 receive 25% bonus.
Bonus will be added instantly.

Ad Packs:
As we said after 100 day ad pack will be changed so here it is, after 100 days new purchase for ad packs will be disabled and will enabled it once current ad packs getting expired.
So I want to give bonus to user here who buys new ad packs this next 10 days.
There is only 10 day left for user to buy ad pack so user who are intrested buy now.
This bonus will be ended on 15th September
Ad packs bonus:
Buy 10 ad pack of $100 and receive 144% in 200 days mean get extra 2 ad packs worth of $10.
Buy ad packs of 50 and receive 170% in 200 days mean buy 50 ad packs and get extra 20 ad packs.
About our advertise bonus there is a mega pack we offering vistit our advertise page and you will find all the detail there.
User who have deposited today they are qualified for the bonus.
Best Regards
EthBux Team

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