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Published on Sep 15th, 2020 12:17 pm

We are sorry for several time dashboard design change but now I think its ok and beautiful still its not complete and will take 2 or 3 more days for complete set up so I request user to be patient and hope used have no complain on this.

Best Regards EthBux Team.

3rd Month Online and Celebration
Published on Sep 06th, 2020 05:08 pm

Dear user its our 3rd month online and ethbux paying its user without any problem.All this happening because of our sweet user.I really want to thank you everyone for this super support.
Today we have enabled skrill cash out for user who have funded their wallet via skrill.For standard user who have not made any deposit via skrill, cash out for them via skrill will be avilable on 25th september.

Today we want to celebrate our 3 month online with a promotion.
Deposit $10 to $100 get 10% deposit bonus.
Deposit $101 to $250 get 15% bonus
Deposit bonus.
Deposit more than $251 receive 25% bonus.
Bonus will be added instantly.

Ad Packs:
As we said after 100 day ad pack will be changed so here it is, after 100 days new purchase for ad packs will be disabled and will enabled it once current ad packs getting expired.
So I want to give bonus to user here who buys new ad packs this next 10 days.
There is only 10 day left for user to buy ad pack so user who are intrested buy now.
This bonus will be ended on 15th September
Ad packs bonus:
Buy 10 ad pack of $100 and receive 144% in 200 days mean get extra 2 ad packs worth of $10.
Buy ad packs of 50 and receive 170% in 200 days mean buy 50 ad packs and get extra 20 ad packs.
About our advertise bonus there is a mega pack we offering vistit our advertise page and you will find all the detail there.
User who have deposited today they are qualified for the bonus.
Best Regards
EthBux Team

Hit Link Contest is RR Avg
Published on Sep 02nd, 2020 07:26 pm

Dear User
Ethbux improving every day.We always open to our user with problems and yes we did some mistake but we are not stopped we correcting our mistake like
Our 400 RR pack on platinum damage our early platinum investor but we tried our best and credited with small profit to those user so here in ethbux every investor are in profit and disabled 400 RR pack for misuse and disbalancing with old Platinum user and the RR avg for platinum user and all membership is improved .Also there are some changes has been made on every mebership.
1st change:
RR avg improvments for every membership I request user to wait 2 or 3 days to reflect the changes also the rent referral filter has been reset user will get active RR.

2nd changes:
The big RR pack in higher membership is limited for 1 time use only to grab the bonus mean a Gold or Diamond or Ultimate or King member can only buy 1 time big RR pack.
3rd change:
Gold Member rental time frame and withdrawl time frame has been changed.
Now user can rent referrals and request cash out after 6 days instead of 7 day.
Diamond user now can rent and request in 5 days instead of 6 days.
Ultimate user now can rent and request cash out in 4 days instead of 5 days.
King user now can rent and request cash out in 3 days instead of 4 days.

4th changes
User upgrade comission has been increased for standard platinum gold and diamond &
King membership user.
Standard user will get $0.1 platinum user will get $0.25 Gold user will get $0.5 Diamond user will get $1.25 ultimate user will get $2.5 and king user will get $5.

I paid some cheater the amount is around $150 to 200$ .Just 1 cheater green44 took $60+ using vpn and what he did he referred 28 people from other popular ptc site and all of his 28 DR are active and all referrals using vpn and i paid once to his all 28 DR Referrals.But now its impossible to cheat now our system will creat a log file for vpn or proxy user and they will get suspended manually so I advise to them don't waste your time.

HitLink Contest(Get paid just by sharing your referral link)

We have started our 1st monthly hitlink contest to grow our community.
Its very simple and creates an opportunity among user to earn extra big money.
Rule and Rewards.

There are top 5 spot.
User who will hold
1st spot he will get $0.0015 per hit link
2nd spot he will get $0.001 per hit
3rd spot he will get $0.0005 per hit
4th spot he will get $0.0002
5th spot he will get $0.0001 per hit.
Please do not try to cheat else you will get suspended.
Russian and Ukraine sites are blacklisted like etc.
User will get 50/50 of their reward mean 50% in purchase balance and 50% in main balance.Top 5 user can check their reward amount directly into hit link contest page.
Prizes will be added manually.

Best of luck
EthBux Team.

Site updated please clear cache and cookies.
Published on Aug 21st, 2020 11:20 am


Dear user we have made lot of changes on our site.

So we advise you to clear your cache and cookies first then log into the system.

Hope you loving this new changes.

Also now user can set their profile picture in dashboard page.

Just update your forum avter and it will be shown on your dashboard page.

We still working on some addon so we are little busy here.





We also offering crypto cash out for investor who do not have made any deposit via btc or ltc they can request cash out via Btc or Ltc wallet.

Rule> we do not support skrill user for this.

Payeer and perfectmoney user can make cash out via Crypto.

Amount must be above $20.

Please note this is not connceted with deposit and cashout terms.

So for other user everything is same.

Standard user can always request for cash out in crypto.Btc must be $5 and ltc 2$.

Best Regards

EthBux Team.




10k User celebration
Published on Aug 18th, 2020 06:25 pm

Dear user thank you very much for your support.Because of you today ethbux has reach 10k user milestone.For this big success we have launch a deposit promotion for our user.
Deposit between $10 to $50 get 5% discount.
Deposit between $51 to $100 get 7.50% discount.
Deposit between $101 to $250 get 10% discount
Deposit more than $250 get 15% discount
We are also giving a small special package for advertiser.
Package 1
Price $10
3 day fixed ad (1slot 7sec. $0.00025)
25k banners Credits.
3 day Ethgrid ad.(1slot)
2500 PTC Credits.
3 day log in ad credits (1slot).
Package 2
Price $25
100k banners credits.
10day fixed ad (1slot 10sec $0.0005 value)
10day Ethgrid ad (1slot)
5000 PTC credits.
10 day log in ad credits.
Package 3
Price $50
1 fixed ad slot for 30 days (15sec 0.001 value starting from 1st place)
10k ptc credit.
500000k banners credit.
30 day log in ad credit (1 link slot)
30 day Ethgrid (3 link slot ).

For deposit bonus no need to create ticket we will credit the bonus manually within 12 hour.
Please contact support if you want this advertise promo.
User who have deposited today they will get deposit bonus.
This promo will end on 25th August server reset time.

Best Regards
EthBux Team.

Skrill Added & Announcement
Published on Aug 17th, 2020 05:06 pm

Hello user these days we are verybusy .We are improving our site.We have added manual deposit option for skrill.Now user can fund their account via skrill.Withdrawl via skrill will be available at the end of this month.
We also adding more offerwall and offerwall contest I think this work will be completed in 1 or 2 days so be patience.
Maybe next month we will add PTP for ethbux growth.We tried to add it but this adon is not available for 5.9.
So contacted with a developer and he promised he can make for 5.9 next month.
Its been almost 71 days and we collecting data from user exprience so we decided for few changes again and it will work for us.
The max RR pack for platinum user is not available it was not a good idea so we removed that and also we have remove Legend Membership.
We also planning to change RR click Value for standard Ultimate and king membership.Other membership no need to change .User do not need to worry there will be no effect on earning.Its because we found the solution.

Regarding RR clicks income:
Our avg base in 30 days its more than break even and with profit for almost every day again for upgraded user they getting premium ads . So user need to understand by themself to manage RR.
For example if a platinum user have 500 RR and if he gets even 1.50 avg then they generating every month 2.5 $ pure profit and 1.2 usd from premium ads.
So the total net profit per month is $3.7.
Do this math for every membership.
Now the earning is not limited here.
We have enabled 2 more option to earn big from this membership.
Auto pay gives $2 discount for every 100 RR.
And the more important we have added extending discount for RR.
For example a platinum user
With 500 RR if he extends his referral for 90 days then he gets a discount of %10 mean he receving a $30 discount mean a platinum user with 500 RR if he extends them for 90 days with even 1.5 avg then he makes net total income of $7.5 from RR in 3month and $3.6 from premium ads and $30 from discount so user makes net profit of $41.1 in 3 month .Even user can get upto 25% discount for extending RR for 365 days.Apply this to all membership standard platinum gold diamond ultimate king.Extending RR for discount is more profitable than only increasing RR amount.
And therefore there are other big membership too so hope user will understand this.
We are here to make ethbux a solid platform for everyone for user and for us. We encourage user to try other ways avilable on ethbux to generate extra profit.
We did lot of hard work and have spent too much money from our side to make stable and powerful. And from the last 71 days we have paid $2100+ within just 12 hour without any halting its because we want to saty here and want become one of the popular site.
Best Regards
EthBux Team.

DR Contest
Published on Aug 08th, 2020 02:24 pm


Dear user due to mismatch between website server reset time and our local reset time we found today user lost a small amount of referrals from Referral Contest Page mainly referred by  user at the 1st day of our referral contest.So we credited the referral point in the Referral Contest Page but for that  those affected user have 2 spot its because to remove it we need to remove whole list and that needs a work of 2 or 3 hour and which requires to put ethbux into mainteance mode so it was not a good idea cause user already have advertise on other site to promote ethbux and if we put ethbux into mainteance it will make loose of their money.

So there is no need to worry evey singe user will get reward as per their ranking we will manually remove the copied name and next user will hold that spot.

User convertko  bagin66 Moaazjbely Vegas58 amierzssze  niggy72 had lost referrals point from referral contest page so we credited with missing point you will find it on Referral Contest Page.

The prizes will be credited within 5 hour of Referral Contest end.

Best Regards

EthBux Team.

$5 free gift every week
Published on Aug 05th, 2020 05:41 am

We have decided to give $5 every week to 1 user who share their stats.We will select winner randomly and every Monday of the month we will announce the winner and winner will receive the gift within 48 Hours.
please note the next winner will be selected 17/08/2020 .

 We will monitor every user and only 1 user will be selected.
Money will be credited into main balance and user can cash out it anytime.
Best Regards
EthBux Team.

Thank You Very Much
Published on Jul 31st, 2020 02:24 pm


Dear EthBux user
Thank you very much for supporting
In very small time ethbux have achieved very big success and all credits goes to our ethbux user.
Ethbux have paid more than $1000 usd only in 54 days.
EthBux ranks under 50 on EMS.
EthBux Ranks 45847 on alexa.
Which is a massive success for ethbux.
Our ethbux user made us proud  for today what we are.
Promotion Update.
Our biggest promotion have less than 10 hour to grab.
Ad pack up to 150% return will expire by tonight server reset time.
$2 Deposit bonus will expire by tonight server reset time.
Big Membership discount will expire by tonight server reset time.
Visit here to see the running promotion

Our $1000 DR Contest have only less than 9days to get our winners if any user want to take part on DR contest please learn about DR limit per membership we saw members promoting after their membership limits reach user can find their DR limit according to their membership in upgrade or extend page.

Force view ads on advertisment:
We are enabling payment proof post rule on view ads page please read it carefully there.This rule applies to the user from today who have cash out today and it will continue for every user who will get paid from our user will do this little favour for us.
Best Regards
EthBux Team.

EthPump $2000 Mega Point Contest.
Published on Jul 27th, 2020 12:12 pm

Our 2nd Point Contest is live today.
Prize Pool $2000
Only Top 5 spot Will be Rewarded.
1st Place $800 main balance ( Cash Out Available anytime)
2nd Place $600 main balance ( Cash Out Available anytime)
3rd place $400 main and purchase balance (50% available for Cash Out)
4th place $100 Purchase Balance
5th place $100 Purchase Balance.
2 ways to grab Points.
1) Per $ 1 deposit You will Receive 10 points.
2) per Direct Referral You will Receive 3 Points.
Best Regards
EthBux Team.

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