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Where is admin add payment proof rewards i send tickets but not response

Started by khurram1 Aug 01st, 2020 at 14:28
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My choice rewards 10 rented refrel add in account
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Quote: khurram1
My choice rewards 10 rented refrel add in account

Its very sad that we giving instant support and user are busy complaining us for nothing.
Have you checked your support ticket ?
We already have replied you just after 6 or 8 hour to your ticket and told you that you did not follow the right page for EMS.
You need patience dear creating support ticket and for even a small late reply complaing on forum is not a good Idea.There are lot of user who needs assistance too so atleast think about them too and atleast wait for ticket reply if you you do not get ticket reply within 48 hour then complain on forum.
Hope you will understand.
Best Regards
EthBux Team.
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