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Hello and greetings Ethbux Members!

12 days ago, we asked on our forum what our community thought about for a second project, and many voted for this idea!

Ever since we hit our goal of 20+ votes we have been working hard on making sure our second site is ready for launch.

We are extremely proud to announce that Tomorrow, Our 2nd project will be live!

We received many support tickets about the minimum withdraw being $5 at Ethbux and many requests to change this requirement. We love to hear any feedback from our users and with this popular request in mind- we changed the minimum withdraw to $3!

As always we are open to any suggestions and try to stay as active as possible to answer any concerns anyone may have.
We promise that having a second site will not change this fact, and we hope you will be as happy as we are with this new adventure!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, it means the world to us!

Best of luck to all and happy earnings! Stay safe!

Best Regards,
Ethbux and Avebux Team.
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Sir please read my suggestion
But 1 request sir its not problem that your rented refrel system give some profit its good for stability for but some rented refrel active or some not daily its bad point whatever you low average but set according to thats all rented refrel active daily because i face a problem and i think all user face
I have 300 rented refrel i use autopay when a rented refrel not active the expiry date decreases day by day now i all 300 refel expire so
In new site set low average some profit wit all refrel active
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Great news, wait Ethbux sister
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Agree with wwwiptcvip.
We agree to accept our sister in the PTC cohort
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Posts: 104
Its ready.
Thank you for your patience.
Please read the announcememt
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