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3rd Month Online and Celebration

Started by admin Sep 06th, 2020 at 17:07
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Dear user its our 3rd month online and ethbux paying its user without any problem.All this happening because of our sweet user.I really want to thank you everyone for this super support.
Today we have enabled skrill cash out for user who have funded their wallet via skrill.For standard user who have not made any deposit via skrill, cash out for them via skrill will be avilable on 25th september.

Today we want to celebrate our 3 month online with a promotion.
Deposit $10 to $100 get 10% deposit bonus.
Deposit $101 to $250 get 15% bonus
Deposit bonus.
Deposit more than $251 receive 25% bonus.
This bonus will be ended on 15th September.
Bonus will be added instantly.
Ad Packs:
As we said after 100 day ad pack will be changed so here it is, after 100 days new purchase for ad packs will be disabled and will enabled it once current ad packs getting expired.
So I want to give bonus to user here who buys new ad packs this next 10 days.
There is only 10 day left for user to buy ad pack so user who are intrested buy now.

Ad packs bonus:
Buy 10 ad pack of $100 and receive 144% in 200 days mean get extra 2 ad packs worth of $10.
Buy ad packs of 50 and receive 170% in 200 days mean buy 50 ad packs and get extra 20 ad packs.
About our advertise bonus there is a mega pack we offering vistit our advertise page and you will find all the detail there.
User who have deposited today they are qualified for the bonus.
Best Regards
EthBux Team
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go on with your good work
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congratulations on your three months and I wish your project a long life
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