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Hit Link Contest & RR avg

Started by admin Sep 02nd, 2020 at 19:17
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Dear User
Ethbux improving every day.We always open to our user with problems and yes we did some mistake but we are not stopped we correcting our mistake like
Our 400 RR pack on platinum damage our early platinum investor but we tried our best and credited with small profit to those user so here in ethbux every investor are in profit and disabled 400 RR pack for misuse and disbalancing with old Platinum user and the RR avg for platinum user and all membership is improved .Also there are some changes has been made on every mebership.
1st change:
RR avg improvments for every membership I request user to wait 2 or 3 days to reflect the changes also the rent referral filter has been reset user will get active RR.

2nd changes:
The big RR pack in higher membership is limited for 1 time use only to grab the bonus mean a Gold or Diamond or Ultimate or King member can only buy 1 time big RR pack.
3rd change:
Gold Member rental time frame and withdrawl time frame has been changed.
Now user can rent referrals and request cash out after 6 days instead of 7 day.
Diamond user now can rent and request in 5 days instead of 6 days.
Ultimate user now can rent and request cash out in 4 days instead of 5 days.
King user now can rent and request cash out in 3 days instead of 4 days.

4th changes
User upgrade comission has been increased for standard platinum gold and diamond &
King membership user.
Standard user will get $0.1 platinum user will get $0.25 Gold user will get $0.5 Diamond user will get $1.25 ultimate user will get $2.5 and king user will get $5.

I paid some cheater the amount is around $150 to 200$ .Just 1 cheater green44 took $60+ using vpn and what he did he referred 28 people from other popular ptc site and all of his 28 DR are active and all referrals using vpn and i paid once to his all 28 DR Referrals.But now its impossible to cheat now our system will creat a log file for vpn or proxy user and they will get suspended manually so I advise to them don't waste your time.

HitLink Contest(Get paid just by sharing your referral link)

We have started our 1st monthly hitlink contest to grow our community.
Its very simple and creates an opportunity among user to earn extra big money.
Rule and Rewards.

There are top 5 spot.
User who will hold
1st spot he will get $0.0015 per hit link
2nd spot he will get $0.001 per hit
3rd spot he will get $0.0005 per hit
4th spot he will get $0.0002
5th spot he will get $0.0001 per hit.
Please do not try to cheat else you will get suspended.
Russian and Ukraine sites are blacklisted like etc.
User will get 50/50 of their reward mean 50% in purchase balance and 50% in main balance.Top 5 user can check their reward amount directly into hit link contest page.
Prizes will be added manually.

Best of luck
EthBux Team.

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Hello and thanks for this next big system update&contest. About RR, my AVG 1.6 for yesterday and I think it's good
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