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Skrill Added & Announcement

Started by admin Aug 17th, 2020 at 17:01
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Hello user these days we are verybusy .We are improving our site.We have added manual deposit option for skrill.Now user can fund their account via skrill.Withdrawl via skrill will be available at the end of this month.
We also adding more offerwall and offerwall contest I think this work will be completed in 1 or 2 days so be patience.
Maybe next month we will add PTP for ethbux growth.We tried to add it but this adon is not available for 5.9.
So contacted with a developer and he promised he can make for 5.9 next month.
Its been almost 71 days and we collecting data from user exprience so we decided for few changes again and it will work for us.
The max RR pack for platinum user is not available it was not a good idea so we removed that and also we have remove Legend Membership.
We also planning to change RR click Value for standard Ultimate and king membership.Other membership no need to change .User do not need to worry there will be no effect on earning.Its because we found the solution.

Regarding RR clicks income:
Our avg base in 30 days its more than break even and with profit for almost every day again for upgraded user they getting premium ads . So user need to understand by themselves to manage RR.
For example if a platinum user have 500 RR and if he gets even 1.50 avg then they generating every month 2.5 $ pure profit and 1.2 usd from premium ads.
So the total net profit per month is $3.7.
Do this math for every membership.
Now the earning is not limited here.
We have enabled 2 more option to earn big from this membership.
Auto pay gives $2 discount for every 100 RR.
And the more important we have added extending discount for RR.
For example a platinum user
With 500 RR if he extends his referral for 90 days then he gets a discount of %10 mean he receiving a $30 discount mean a platinum user with 500 RR if he extends them for 90 days with even 1.5 avg then he makes net total income of $7.5 from RR in 3month and $3.6 from premium ads and $30 from discount so user makes net profit of $41.1 in 3 month .Even user can get upto 25% discount for extending RR for 365 days.Apply this to all membership standard platinum gold diamond ultimate king.Extending RR for discount is more profitable than only increasing RR amount.
And therefore there are other big membership too so hope user will understand this.
We are here to make ethbux a solid platform for everyone for user and for us. We encourage user to try other ways available on ethbux to generate extra profit.
We did lot of hard work and have spent too much money from our side to make stable and powerful. And from the last 71 days we have paid $2100+ within just 12 hour without any halting its because we want to stay here and want become one of the popular site.
Best Regards
EthBux Team.

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Great news admin! Keep it up! Hope you all the best! ????
Crewh <3
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Very good! Great site to work!
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Thanks for this biggest update and congrats with 10000 members achievement
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Site is going well. Is skrill withdrawal available yet?
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Quote: ptcsworld
Very good! Great site to work!
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We are grateful for this addition of skrill
thanks admin
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