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Severja liar

Started by Vegas58 Aug 14th, 2020 at 14:09
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Trust me, please do not retaliate... I know you just want to defend yourself, I get that- but I’m also trying to keep the forum relatively clean respectively so. I have the other user on a watchlist so to speak.
To Other Users:
PLEASE do not try to ruin anyone’s reputation especially in the forum any other users involved in this recent discussion are not at fault for being “hackers” that is absurd. They are respected users and if I see anymore slander towards anyone, I will personally talk to the admin to have these issues dealt with accordingly. IF- for whatever reason, if anyone has issues or concerns with other people, don’t post it in the forum, rather send a support ticket to admin... please...

I have replied to the other post here Vegas58 and I am talking to admin to see what course of action should be taken
I am sorry that you have to endure this once again...
Best Regards,
Ethbux Team.
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Dear Vegas58 we are sorry and sorry to those other user who has been insulted by him on our forum.we are very strict if user found guilty to other user and we will ban him from forum forever even we will suspend him from ethbux.

Best Regards
EthBux Team.
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I think problem with red screen which provide Google...I just want say what I recommend using Opera browser for viewing ads to all members who have problem with red screen when they view ads using Chrome/Brave browsers.

Best regards
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